【Pre-Kim woman only】 [2 hours] All you can eat and drink [All 80 species] 4500 yen ⇒ 3500 yen
By using a coupon3500 yen

2 persons -

Well even rise in the adult number because it is precious to eat all you can drink.Also good to use as a place for meals with your family.Become satiety in drinking party at friends is also good.While drinking while eating, it is I important to enjoy ♪




Edamame / olive / chanja / salt cream cheese salt braised / 3 varieties of cheese

Chicken meat meat Basil sauce / tomato carpaccio / smoked platter

Raw ham slice / marinated shrimp / Avocado and Yuba no fish sashimi / fresh fish Yukke

Today's fish carpaccio / roast bee's uni sauce / tomato and cheese capase

Raw ham Caesar salad / Duck and half-egg salad / smoked salmon salad

Prepretive shrimp avocado salad / radish and crunchy plum jaco salad / white child poultice / seafood Japanese style salad

[Fried food]

Fried potato with leather / chicken fried chicken with chicken / fried chicken fried / fried chicken fried / fried cartilage deep fried

Fried Rice Dumplings / Octopus Grilled Negi Mayopon Vinegar / Pickled Lotus Root / Oyster Fly / Chicken Fried Potato

Mini cheese croquette sauteed sauce / sweet potato fried honey butter sauce / camembert cheese fries

[Meat dish / seafood]

Spare ribs Spicy fried / freshly made Yuzu pepper sauce / Today's fresh fish aquapazza / pork loin cutlets

Stir frying with sand liver and cabbage / Assorted 5 kinds of sausages / Tsukune cheese grill / Chicken and vegetables Tomato stew

Pork loin grill / beef harami and vegetable teriyaki / pork hormone and vegetable stir-fried miso / chicken's honey mustard

[Rice, noodles]

Garlic Toast / Mentaiko Carbonara / Salmon Cream Pasta / Mozzarella Tomato Pasta

Japanese style pasta of chicken and Chinese cabbage / fried rice fried egg / seafood paella / oyster fried rice / garlic paella

Grilled rice ball rice ball consommé soup / smoked salmon Ochazuke / crispy plum jaco Ochazuke / oyster penne gratin

[Recommended dishes]

Mozzarella cheese shabu-shabu / rolled omelet / oyster miso saucepan (2 servings) / pork belly tiger pie (2 servings)

Oyster bruschetta / chicken Yuzu salted pot (2 servings) / Mango Miso saucepan (2 servings) / with soy sauce pan (2 servings)

Tango Miso saucepan (2 servings) / Miscellaneous cooker / Udon Udon / Suki Ramen


Chocolate Cake / Rare Cheese Cake / Mont Blanc Cake / Cream Brulee / Royal Milk Tea Cake

Banana with Spring roll vanilla / Gateau chocolate accompanied with vanilla / Hokkaido Cream Cheese / Mango Sorbet

Vanilla ice / green tea ice / pumpkin ice

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  • 【Sunday - Thursday Limited】 [2 hours] All you can eat and drink All you 4500 yen → 3000 yen!

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      Until the end of February 2018